The Ultimate Lifecycle Marketing Solution

“It’s time to replace the marketing funnel with the customer life cycle” 
‘Embed the Customer Life Cycle Across Marketing’ Report,  January 22, 2013  Forrester Research.

Lifecycle Marketing optimises every individual user’s experience by targeting the marketing messages to best fit your visitor’s lifecycle journey with your brand.

Use Lifecycle Marketing to improve customer engagement, lift conversion rates and increase sales and customer value.


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LifecycleMAGIQ is a software service that delivers a real-time personalised and individual web experience to every one of your visitors based on a complete view of their history and behaviour, engaging them at key moments in their purchase lifecycle journey with your brand.



Personalisation delivers big results.
Improves customer engagement; lifts conversion rates; increases sales, customer value and loyalty.

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A simple line of code added to your website and that’s it! No tags and no tag management required.

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LifecycleMAGIQ Solutions

LifecycleMAGIQ automatically builds a complete profile of each of your web visitors combining data from their live and historic web sessions, by catching their behaviours, by recording their responses to your campaigns and by storing key data as they interact with your website.

Armed with these real-time individual profiles and using LifecycleMAGIQ’s solutions, marketers can implement and deliver highly accurate behavioural targeting and real-time web personalisation, reaching every individual across the web, email and sales channels.


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The MAGIQ partners deliver a wide range of consulting, marketing and agency skills for MAGIQ users across a wide range of industries. They provide our customers with opportunities to develop and drive innovative and effective, revenue boosting marketing campaigns. We offer partner packages to let you deliver the power of LifecycleMAGIQ to your customer base. Just give us a call to find out more.

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Deliver real ROI

You only get to spend your marketing budget once – it’s vital that you get the best return from every pound.

The only way to achieve this perfect result is to measure the effect of every campaign, email, banner advert and affiliate on each individual who sees them, and the purchases they make  – This is LifecycleMAGIQ.


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